35 Week Appt and Belly

So I had my 35 week appt today and all went well. She’s honestly not worried about my constant contractions and said at this point my uterus is just too big so all it knows to do is try and contract down. So…I’m just going to be constantly in labor the next few weeks looks like!! šŸ˜› My main goal right now is getting through Coop’s birthday on Sunday. Then next week I’ll be 36 weeks and I’ll feel a lot better about them coming.

Warning…TMI below…

I did however lose my mucous plug today at my appt! I was giving my urine sample before the appt and there it was! It seriously took me way by surprise and I just sat in shock in the room while I waited for her. Its like I’m so beyond ready to be done with this pregnancy b/c its so painful and miserable but reality hasn’t hit me how soon that might actually be!! It still seems so far away!! So…we’ll see what happens.

Oh and both babies are measuring over 5 lbs now. So hoping for some good sized babies!

And here’s my ginormous belly!


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