36 weeks

Ok…sorry for the 4 posts in one day…I’m catching up here!

So I had my 36 week appt today.    My blood pressure is up and I’m a swollen mess so she’s a little concerned it could be early signs of pre-e although I’m not spilling protein in my urine yet so that’s good.  Both babies are in fact still breech.  🙁  So looks like I’ll more than likely end up with a c/s at this point in the game.   I’m dilated to a 3 and I’ve been contracting all day off and on which is nothing new, but they are starting to be more lower belly pain contractions and not just tightening BH contractions.    So once my contractions become consistent she said to come in and if they haven’t flipped she’ll take them.  So…could be soon…we’ll see!!!

And here’s my lovely 36 week belly


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