My children make me totally feel bipolar like… all the time. I’m hoping this is normal and I’m not actually bipolar. Tonight was my son’s swim team, end of season, pool party. It had to be held at the town’s biggest pool, which most people love. You know, the people with 1 or 2 kids who are over 8 and can swim good enough to be on a swim team. This pool is not fun for the mom with a dozen littles who think they can swim but really it’s more like drowning that they are good at. This is also day 10 of solo parenting for me so I’m slightly beyond exhausted. So my night was great fun. (Note the sarcasm) I stuck it out and was completely exhausted but happy everyone was still alive as we headed out to the car. No one was holding hands like they were suppose to be and I was on the verge of a breakdown. About to scream at someone, I didn’t know which one, they suddenly all grabbed hands. Then they started swinging their arms back and forth and squealing and running. All four of them, with big smiles on their faces, were chanting something I couldn’t make sense of, and in that moment I went from complete breakdown to complete mush. It is so amazing to me what they can do to you. The feelings they invoke. I just love those little people so insanely much and as exhausted as they make me, it’s those moments that make it all worthwhile!! 

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