Breech babies – update

So I’m feeling a lot better today after spending the day yesterday crying and whallowing. I’ve decided though I’m not giving up just yet!!! So last night I spent the evening upside down while watching TV trying to disengage Miss Alanna. Her head feels up in my chest today so its a start. I ordered some moxa sticks which is an herb that you burn near your pinky toes…yea..I’m a quack. 😛 Moxibustion is a form of chinese medicine that is just used to get the baby moving which will hopefully encourage them to turn. Here’s a small link about it or you can just google to learn more about it.,,42zd,00.html

I also ordered a high potency of pulsatilla which is a homeopathic remedy that will also do the same thing…just get the girls moving.

I’m doing lots of pelvic tilts and down dogs and lying upside down to try and encourage proper placement.

I also plan on trying to swim some if it warms up enough…I’ll still probably freeze in my neighbors pool but I’ve heard doing somersaults underwater will get them to flip.

Hmm…what else…if anyone has any other crazy ideas on how to turn a breech baby let me know!

I do think with twins a version is out and/or Webster technique with a chiropractor is out.  At least from what I’ve been told.

If none of these things work I’m going to know I’ve done all I can to make this birth as gentle and natural as possible as I could for the girls.  If it doesn’t happen the way I planned I trust that God has a reason for why they are in the positions they are.  So please pray they turn unless there’s a reason for them to be where they are right now!  They may know better than me!

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  1. Stacy says:

    Aww Nici I’m so sorry that they have turned this way. 🙁 Do you want me to find the list of all of the breech turning techniques I tried? Here it is:

    1. Playing soothing music and dh’s sermons through headphones tucked in my pants
    2. Playing loud obnoxious music at the top of my belly
    3. Visualization of him turning and being head down
    4. Inversion- sometimes with my knees and chest on the floor, sometimes with my knees on the edge of the couch and my hands on the floor, and most recently with the ironing board propped up from the floor to the couch seat
    5. Chiropractic care and the Webster technique
    6. Cranial sacral massage therapy
    7. Telling him to turn (both me telling him and dh getting down and talking to the underside of my belly)
    8. Begging him to turn
    9. Praying for him to turn
    10. Moxibustion- we bought a stick of mugwort at the local health food store and burn it for 20 minutes (5 mins on outside of left pinky toe, 5 mins on right pinky toe, etc) at a time, 2x a day.
    11. A cold pack on top of my belly and a warm pack on the bottom of my belly
    12. Just pushing down on his head (toward my pelvic bone, not toward my spine)
    13. A warm, relaxing bath
    14. Slowly being spun in a chair while holding a baby doll head down against my belly and visualizing him being head down
    15. Pulsatilla- I got the 6c and dissolve 5 little balls under my tongue 3x a day like the directions on the tube said. I try to do inversion on the ironing board right after this.
    16. Rubbing my belly in a circle in the direction the MW said would be easiest for him to turn based on the way he’s facing (he’s looking at my right side with his back against my left, so I rub up the left and down the right)
    17. Acupressure on the outside of my pinky toes, just beside the base of the nail.
    18. Elephant walking (walking on hands and feet).
    19. Flips and handstands in a swimming pool.

    Please don’t be discouraged by the fact that none of them worked for us… they really do work for most people from what I can tell.

    Also, I had to come to that place too, where you just trust that your babies and the Lord may just have a different plan. It’s not easy, especially when you are as passionate about birth as you and I are, but at least you will know that if they are born by c-section you did everything you could to prevent it. I will be praying for you!


  2. Julie Pennypacker says:

    Hey Nici. Sounds like the pregnancy is going great and you look so good. I understand your concerns about the c-section but please be careful about stirring those little girls up. Call me if you need to talk!


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