Clothes: Day 5

I’ve had a few epiphanies over the past few days.

1. I’m messy.  I knew I was messy but I guess I didn’t realize how many times a day I change clothes…not because I get tired of my current outfit…but because I’m covered in food somehow!  So…that makes this 7 outfit thing a bit trickier! 

2.  My favorite cute white plain shirt is not near as cute without accessories. 

3.  My swimsuit bottoms are really comfy shorts.  They may be my new favorite gym shorts so no laughing when you see me out and about in a swimsuit. 

So we are leaving town today for our mega vacation!  (Yes…we have house sitters so no looking up our address and raiding us! If anyone wants jalapeno’s though your free to pluck them from my garden!)  We are traveling approximately 2,659 miles which google says will take us 45 hours which will more realistically be like 90 hours with 4 kids.  First stop is for my 15 year reunion in Velma, America.  Can’t wait!  And the best part is…here is my bag for our 3+ week vacation.

photo (9)

I’m so proud of myself!!  Typically that wouldn’t hold my undergarments.  Clothes was the perfect topic for this month!  Ok…off to load the car up! 

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