Diet Soda addict no more!

My Diet Soda testimony-

I have an ugly confession – I am a diet soda addict to the max. I can easily put down a 2 liter a day and sadly, that’s probably a good day. Anyone who knows me well, knows I consume crazy large amounts of fluid so I always excused my large doses of diet soda because I still really did drink more water than average along with it every day. I told myself as long as I’m not replacing my water intake its fine, right?! Who was I fooling, you know good and well there were days my water intake was more than likely well below what it should have been. Well I’m 30 days in on Plexus and unintentionally, I just realized I’ve insanely cut back my consumption. I bought 4 2-liters of Diet Dr. Pepper last week and I have 3 sealed in my pantry right now. I cooked myself a quesadilla for lunch today and went to pour myself a diet soda (because you have to have soda with Mexican!) and as I held the bottle I just thought…yuck. And then I realized…that fizzy taste I use to go crazy if I didn’t get every few hours, I’m no longer craving!!!

I thought with 4 kids there’s no way I could give it up. I need caffeine for energy because I have to be able to function on about 6-7 hours of very broken sleep a day. It was what it was. I tried to defy time by doing poly-phasic sleeping but that just required more caffeine and my friends thought I was a nutcase. I even bought caffeine pills to try and replace it. I felt like the crazy woman on caffeine patches on meet the Robinsons. Does this ring a bell with anyone!

meet the robinsons - crazy scientist lady

And I seriously looked just like her on it too! But apparently it wasn’t just the caffeine fix I needed because I still craved the fizziness. I needed the tingly feeling in my mouth CONSTANTLY. So I haven’t cut it out completely yet. But I no longer feel like a crazy addict. I still probably have one glass a day or every other day. But man…compared to what I was drinking I can’t explain how crazy huge that is. And now it really seems possible that I can cut the habit completely once and for all without feeling like I need it. I’m not tired anymore, even chasing 4 small kidlets all day long! I’m exhausted, but that just comes with the territory. I do though feel rested.

So…I’m learning quickly there are lots more benefits to the Plexus products than just weightloss!! If your interested at all, check out my website at or just send me a message!

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