Food: Day 11

I’m so over my food choices right now!  It just hit me hard today for some reason.  I’ve been doing pretty good until recently and now I NEED red meat!  I said from the beginning that I got the 4th of July off and I’m so so happy I did!!!  Only a few days left and I get one of hubby’s uber delicious hamburgers, french fries (yes..I get them now…I NEVER tire of potatoes!), donuts, steak, ribs, baked potato (yep…again)….and asparagus!  That’s on my list of must eats for the 4th!  And I have to say if I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would hands down be potatoes.  Now if only I could cover my potatoes in garlic, cream, and cheese right now life would be better.  Or rosemary.  Ok…no more talks of food.

I’m crying tonight reading about the child/slave labor in the cocoa fields.  I love my bubble.  Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love bubbles.  Happy, blissful, bubbles where no bad happens and everything is good and there are no worries.  My bubble is being completely ripped away from me and I want to just curl up on the couch with a chocolate candy bar and a season of Pretty Little Liars and pretend like bad only happens on my show.  But its not the case.  My candy bars are coming at a horrible cost and its crushing.  (Please noone suggest I read about sugar right now!!!  I don’t think I could handle that just yet!)  These are real children…some as young as my son….working nonstop everyday for my candy bar.  Beaten for my candy bar.  I thought I was paying .99 cents for my oh so yummy Watchamacalit…not the flesh of a child.  So yea…bye bye bubble.

To learn more on child slave labor in Ghana and the Ivory Coast check out these sites.


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5 Responses to Food: Day 11

  1. Melissa says:

    So I have been researching slave labor for the past few hours now trying to form an opinion for myself. I am terrible about trusting others opinions and just using those for my own without ever even really putting much thought into it…definiitely not the way any grown adult should “decide” how they will feel about much of anything…big or small! All I can come up with is this…child labor is horribly sad and probably exists in most all poverty stricken countries. Why parents subject their children to this is beyond me or the much bigger question is why do they have many children that they cannot afford in the first place. Many parts of this I do not understand, but my conclusion is…you can just assume that any product (cocoa, cotton, coffee beans, and the list goes on forever) not grown and manufacturedfrom start to finish in the US probably used some sort of child labor, slavery, and unfair pay/conditions. We should be extremely thankful for all that we are blessed with and although problems such as these are overwhelming…try to be aware I guess. I totally get the reason for your journey living where we do. I too find it hard not to take my pantry as well as many other things for granted and even complain! I do love my bubble and justify it by donating $ to good causes, volunteering almost to no end… I try to focus on things I can actually make a difference in because problems such as this just seem TOO overwhelming! How could a single person even make a difference in such a major worldwide problem? If their parents don’t even care then how will any of us be able to do anything to change it? I have no idea!

  2. Nici says:

    Well sadly most of the children are orphans so they do not have any parents to care for them. I worry that the idea of limiting people from having children based on their financial standing can be a dangerous line of thought…especially when your applying it to third world countries. They don’t all have the luxury of birth control options or education on those things. But your right, its overwhelming as all get out! A single person can not make a difference. But the awesome thing is, God can and he uses us to make that difference!

  3. melissa says:

    So I am curious…why is that a dangerous line of thought? If you can’t afford you absolutely 100% should not have them. I agree that only God can help us change the huge problem here! We can do our small part to help the existing children out there! Maybe a long term plan could also be to help fund birth control to the small clinics in these countries. That is something I actually think I could do…work with our business parteners to get it at cost and send it with several friends who go several times a year to Haiti. We already support their efforts in orphanages, but I never even thought of this long term plan! I guess small efforts such as yours (putting it out there and making people think) could branch out in other small efforts and eventually, hopefully make a difference. Love you…and good luck the next 6 months…

  4. Nici says:

    Thanks! Love you too and I’m glad it got you thinking. 😀 I’m still working this all out in my mind too!

    I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on who should have children. I just think its a dangerous line of thought b/c I don’t think its our place to limit who can and can not have children. That’s bordering eugenics and why I think it can be dangerous. I get what your saying, I really do, I just don’t think I completely agree. There may be parents out there that don’t seem like they deserve their children but that doesn’t mean that child didn’t deserve their life and God didn’t have a plan for that person!

    “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.” Ps 127:3-5

  5. melissa says:

    When you put it that way…I agree. No one should be told what to do. In our society there are just too many irresponsible and carless adults. Although some even in our country should not have kids (criminals, idiots, those that can not afford them) I just meant they should have the option of birth control. I am sure some of them do not want to make the existing problem of too many poverty stricken children any worse and do not have the resouces to control it. No one should tell them what to do.

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