Food: Day 2

I’m so bored already with my choices!!  I’m one though who has like 60 recipes I go through on a regular basis if not more.  We go at least a few weeks if not more like a few months before eating the same meal again.  I love flavor and cooking and herbs and spices.  I love variety.  So far today has been 2 boiled eggs and brown rice and broccoli.  Yum!  (note the sarcasm…)  I don’t think I even remotely realized what a priviledge it is to have choices in food. 

So as I was reading yesterday Jen talks about her love for Ethiopia on one of the days because she has adopted two children from there.  She talked about how she studied the country and knew everything about it and its culture.  I realized I have been living the “ignorance is bliss” philosophy when it comes to the rest of the world and what exactly is going on.  I have no clue what the depth of poverty really is in other countries.  So I decided to pick one country and just focus on it.  I’m going with Ghana because one of my bestest friends from high school, Courtney Folsom, is in the process of adopting from there.  You can see her blog here.  I’m hoping by learning more about Ghana I can know how to better pray for the hungry and for Courtney’s son and the country he is currently living in.  I want to be broken in this process.  I want my eyes opened and to feel some pain.  Its scary to pray for that though! 

So if anyone has any resources on Ghana pass them my way please!!! 

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2 Responses to Food: Day 2

  1. mai says:

    That is awesome. I think I’ve seen you post stuff about Ghana. I lived there for six years, starting when I was 11. <3

  2. Nici says:

    Oh wow! What part of Ghana were you at?

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