Food: Day 24


Well I haven’t had a whole lot of thought provoking things to say lately because basically I’m just holding my breathe this last week and praying it passes quickly!  Trying not to do a lot of grumbling and complaining!  I’m surprised to say aside from a few “modifications”,  I have not cheated!  6 days left.  Mostly its not cravings for food I am ready for, it’s the freedom to eat what I want.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve randomly grabbed something to eat, had it halfway to my mouth, and realized I can’t have that.  I really truly do feel insanely more grateful for the food options we have as Americans.  Our family is so blessed and I’m sure I’ll need that reminder 1000 more times in my lifetime. 

On the practical side, I have taken something great from this month.  I love to cook and I have a little obsession with food blogs and pinterest and such.  I also love to coupon.  But trying to meal plan based around food blogs based around couponing takes up A LOT of my time.  And as most of you know I have four children under 8 so free time is a little on the low side for me!  There were weeks I just wouldn’t plan anything b/c I didn’t have the time and we’d waste the money eating out.  I can’t tell you how freeing it has been knowing what is for dinner every night.  There’s no searching the internet endlessly for a new recipe and no searching 20 different coupon blogs for the best deal on the ingredients in the recipe I just chose.  Its chicken and potatoes (maybe rice) for dinner.  With a side of broccoli. 

So, I don’t want to give up my love for cooking, but I do need to find a happy medium.  I don’t have to cook my family an entire new recipe every single night for dinner.  So every month we are going to sit down together as a family and pick 7 meals.  And we are going to rotate b/w those meals for a month or so.  So I’ll have the same grocery list every week and I’ll know dinner is one of those 7 meals.  I’m not going to be legalistic about it though.  If it’s a super busy season I may keep the same 7 in rotation for a few months.  If we have a hankering for a steak I’ll run to the store and grab some steaks.   If I see a new recipe I want to try….you get the idea.  I’m excited about this and hoping it works out for us!  For next month (well probably for Aug & Sept because we’ll be out of town for  part of August) we have the following on our menu!

Cajun Chicken Pasta

Hamburgers and fries



Street Beef Tacos

Chicken Fried Rice

And drumroll…..Chicken, potatoes, and a veggie (probably broccoli)  Apparently I can’t get enough of it! 

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