Food: Day 25

So I have two new countries I’m adding to my prayer/get to know better list.  First one is Ethiopia.  My little  in my sorority and close college friend has two children she adopted from Ethiopia and they are hoping to bring home more….not sure how many.  Maybe I should have her come hang out at my house for a week and see what life with 4 is like!  I have a feeling it wouldn’t slow her down though!  So I know nothing about Ethiopia except it’s the first country I think of when I think of Africa and I think of those commercials we use to always see as kids showing the extreme poverty in the country.  That’s about it.  So I definitely need to learn more about Ethiopia so I can pray for it, its people, and Lindsey’s kiddos!  You can follow her adoption story here.  She’s an amazing blogger!

Second country is Honduras.  A friend from our old small group, Macey, is just starting her adoption journey there!  I’m amazed and excited by the number of people God is moving towards adoption.  Its exciting to see these families grow and how God works in their lives.  I’m in awe of them!   

So my prayers for tonight are for Ethiopia and Honduras.  If anyone has good info on these countries please send it my way!  And keep the families above in your prayers as they bring home their children. 

Oh yea…5 more days!!! 


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