Food: Day 27–Discontentment

I’m doing a bible study called “Stuck” by Jennie Allen at church right now that I’m really enjoying.  Tonight’s topic was discontent.  It goes along well with both of Hatmaker’s books I’ve been reading and the excess we have as American’s.  I’ve found myself though pointing my finger at America and our excess as if this is a problem that only my country has.  And Jennie said something tonight that really blew me back…”Discontentment is not an American problem.  It’s a human problem.”  She later went on to say it started with the very first two humans.  Adam and Eve were not content with what God had given.  They had to have more.  They had to have the forbidden.  Wow.  Its not like this is new news really but I was becoming very guilty about blaming my society I live in for this phenomenon of greed and excess.  But none of us are exempt to this problem of wanting more and more.  It may manifest itself different in everyone but we are all human and we all fall short.   Being discontent with life comes naturally, especially if we are searching for contentment in worldly things.  Like David says in Psalms 16, only God can fill our cups.  He is the only one who can give us true contentment in life.  

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