Media Month–LAST DAY

I survived media. I sucked but I survived.   I wasn’t sure if I would.  Honestly, I was a cheater this month.  Shame, shame.  I didn’t realize the hold the internet had on me and I still am left unsure of how to manage it. I’ve learned a lot from this month though.  The number one thing I walked away from this month with is prayer.  I know I wrote about it earlier this month but I’ve been praying so much more than I ever have and its awesome.  I’m amazed at how important the little things are to my God.  I knew that and I know that he answers prayers, but I’m still always shocked when he does for me!  I know he’s probably shaking his head every time I act surprised that he cares. 

I’ve actually enjoyed having media off on my phone.  I think I’ll keep it off unless I need it or just really want to check something then I’ll switch it back on temporarily.  My phone battery lasts 3 days vs 8 hours with it turned off!!!  I’m enjoying not filling every second with something.  I struggled with sitting in silence for even 30 seconds.  I’d have a 1 mile drive and I’d call 3 people and when no one answered I’d start checking my email and facebook.  I was that consumed that I really couldn’t just drive my car one mile without thinking I needed to be doing something else at the same time.  I couldn’t sit in the car with my husband on a quick drive without being online.  I couldn’t go out to eat without checking it.  It was complete and utter MADNESS.  I’m so glad I have taken this month to step back and see just how ridiculous it had gotten.  Today…I’m proud to say I didn’t even check my email or facebook or anything until 11am.  Yay me.  Baby steps.  The world didn’t stop and no one desperately needed me in that time. 

My TV has been broken the last week so that hasn’t even been a temptation.  I have learned that I enjoy TV so much more without trying to play on the computer at the same time.  I use to cut coupons, do puzzles, sew, crochet, and/or stretch and do situps while watching TV.  I’ve kinda had fun doing little things that don’t require thought (playing online IS NOT ONE OF THEM) while watching a quick sitcom this past month.  That’s another change I am making.  No computer time while watching TV.  There is no need whatsoever to do both at one time!  I’m not achieving anything by trying. 

One last thing that I’ve failed at this past week is keeping my laptop shut when its not in use.  I typically keep it open all day long and just periodically pop in every now and then.  Ok…lets be honest, before this month by periodically I mean every 5 minutes.  This is where I get obsessive about constantly checking to see if I have any new messages or likes.  If its closed I actually have to go through the effort of relogging in to my computer so I’m less likely to constantly check in. 

So in summary here are my lessons from this month that I intend to continue.

1.  Keep data turned off on my phone unless I really need it.

2.  Only use one form of media at a time.

3. Don’t try and fill my silent moments with noise. 

4.  Shut my laptop when not in use. 

Tomorrow: WASTE!!!  I have zero clue what I’m doing. 

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