Media–Hold me please!

This is the month I’ve been dreading from the beginning – Media!  I might have a slight obsession with television and internet.  And of course it couldn’t have landed at a better time – right in time for season premieres!  I have my spreadsheet all put together of all the tv shows I’m going to be watching this season.  I have 27 shows on the line up this season that I plan on watching.  That breaks down to roughly 20 hrs a week if I were to watch all of them.  Of course, I typically get bored with about half of them a few episodes in and sometimes pickup new ones along the way.  But there’s no way around it, I like tv.  Its my escape from reality.  I also enjoy being connected.  I love to check in on facebook and see what my friends are doing.  I have my message board that I’ve been apart of for 6 years full of all my cyber friends that I have to keep in touch with.  My email inbox currently has 1,508 NEW messages (4,292 total).  That’s with me filtering all my junk out of my inbox as much as I can.  I can’t seem to go longer than a few minutes without checking my phone and seeing if I have any new messages through one form of media or another.

Its time to stop the insanity!! 

So I’m doing it, I’m cutting back drastically.  I’m shutting the data off on my phone so I have absolutely no access to my email or facebook when I’m out with friends and family.   I don’t think I can dive in and go completely drastic and cut out media 100% (I know, I know….) but I’m cutting back to 7 hours a week.  That includes all my computer and TV.  I don’t need anymore than an hour a day sitting on my couch vegg’ed out in front of a screen.  

So here we go.  If you don’t see me online much and I don’t respond quickly, you know why!  Call me if you need me!!  (No worries Heather…I’m keeping the phone just for you!!)  

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