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So today has been an exiting day!  I got my Find Your Mark chapter set up today and I’m so very excited about it.  I had an awesome conversation with a lady who works at Touch A Life foundation today and I was floored at just how almost simple it is to make a difference.  They have 70 children at their care center in Ghana that they have rescued from slavery on Lake Volta.  In my mind I had envisioned these big Guerillas with semi-automatic weapons guarding the slaves and it being dangerous and difficult to free them.  In reality, they just sat down and had a conversation with the slaver owners, no money was exchanged, and explained that it was illegal and immoral and they handed over as many as the foundation could take in.  They had to get the parents permission also before they could be released since they are the ones who sold them into slavery.  None of the 70 children in the care center are orphans, they were all trafficked.  Our chapter is committing to give $1800 a year to sponsor one of the 70 children.  That roughly breaks down to monthly – $75 goes to their tuition, $50 goes to food, and $25 goes to medical.  And its awesome because if there are specific needs, like new underwear for everyone, our chapter can raise money and buy new underwear for them all and the staff will hand deliver them to Ghana.  We can plan mission trips to meet our sponsor girl too. 

So now, time to meet our girl Forgive. 

Forgive - Headshot January 2012

Forgive - January 2012

As soon as I saw her I couldn’t wait to hug her neck, I love her already!   She was trafficked at a young age and was forced to work as a domestic servant, cooking and cleaning for her master as well as taking care of his children. She was sexually abused. Forgive was rescued in 2009 and has been learning basic English and math. She was about 12 when she was rescued (age is relatively unknown because the children don’t have birth certificates), which means she was too old to enroll in traditional schooling. As a result, she has been participating in vocational training programs and is currently enrolled in an excellent school in Kumasi, right near our Care Center. Along with the other older girls in our program, she learns skills so she can open a business or work a great job when she’s older. Forgive has said that she wants to be a hairdresser when she grows up. 

If anyone wants to join our chapter you can like my Facebook group to get updates. 

We’ll have an information meeting in the next few weeks to go over more details.  We’ll probably do one or two fundraisers a year and they are hoping to set up the capability to Skype with Forgive so we’ll all get together to do that if they are able to set it up.  Let me know if you have an questions or want to know more!

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  1. melissa says:

    Very excited to see a picture of Forgive and can’t wait to get moving forward!!

  2. Liz says:

    Loved reading this….and seeing that beautiful face.
    We sponsor a little boy in Cambodia through our church. One of my closest friends adopted her daughter from Ghana about 2 years ago….what a blessing.

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