Month 2: Clothing

So month two is clothes and I’ve gone round and round in my mind on how to go about this month.  There’s a few challenging aspects to it.  One is we are on vacation 3 weeks of this month.  Jen picked 7 actual items of clothing.  I realized quickly there is zero way I could do that.  Not because I’m super vain and love clothes (well…that’s not the only reason…), but because I’m a layerer.  I can’t leave the house without AT LEAST two shirts on at all times.  Some days I wear three.  Or four.  So 7 items could quite easily be one outfit for me!  One reason I have to layer is because it’s the only way for me to discreetly nurse in public.  Without my layers you’d be seeing body parts you probably prefer not to see!   So since I don’t think the intent behind this month is full disclosure of my body I’m going with 7 outfits.  And I decided not to count my pj’s as an outfit.  I’m allowing one pj dress and a pair of pj pants.  I almost did but since two of my outfits are swimsuits I cut myself some slack.  I’m also not counting shoes but honestly I’m not a shoe person.  As long as I have a pair of flip flops that’s all I need so that’s not an issue.  And no jewelry except my wedding ring AND I’m allowing it this weekend because its my 15 year reunion.  So those are my rules. 

After much deliberation here are my outfits

White top, black undertop, capris

Pink Exercise undertop, gray/white striped tank, capris

Black gym shorts, white undertop, my friend Courtney’s adoption t-shirt

Jean shorts, black undertop, tank

sundress (yet to be purchased…I’m still looking for a cute dress for my reunion that i can also wear at the beach…)

Swim suit bottoms, bikini top, orange tank

swim suit bottoms, bikini top, white tank

So I’m lucky that my swim suit bottoms look like shorts because I’m already utilizing those as clothes! 

So here’s my stack of clothes!


Part of me feels silly acting as if this is a huge sacrifice because its still a good stack of clothes.   I know there are plenty of people in this world who would be tickled pink with this stack of clothes.  I roughly added up the cost of this pile of clothing and it would cost me around 850 just for these 7 outfits.  That’s a little embarrassing.  I feel like I can justify it by saying a few of the pieces were gifts or I had a gift card for another.  But really…it’s a nice stack of clothes.  I’m super thankful for this stack of clothes. 

And just so you know this is still a sacrifice for me, here’s the rest of my closet that will be left untouched!



So today is technically day 3 for me but so far so good!  I know one thing I’m excited about…its going to make packing insanely easy for my trip!

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  1. Deminy says:

    Forget the packing, laundry should be much easier!

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