Possessions: Day 24

"If we keep the blessings that God has given us and don’t share them, those blessings will corrupt us" Oswald Chambers

I didn’t even realize how many days into possessions I was and realized I haven’t posted in a while.  This month has been amazing.  I think I could do this month for all 7 months.  I have given way more than 7 items away a day too…its probably come closer to 70 than 7!  Sadly, this is not a brag to show you all that I’m the most generous person ever…it’s a statement that I’m more of a hoarder than I ever realized!!!   Oswald Chamber’s quote resonated with me so much because I had a house full of items that were once a blessing to me but now were causing me so much pain because I didn’t have room for them in my home.   I had several sets of queen sized sheets and you guessed it, no queen sized bed!  I had boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and BOXES of clothes that fit  no one in my house.  I had pet supplies for creatures we don’t have.  I had books that had already been read.  I had toys not played with.  Dolls unloved.  Dishes unused.    My list goes on for days.  I felt so greedy keeping so many things that not only did I not use or even like, but that was making it impossible for me to keep my home clean.  And it wasn’t that I was holding on to most of these things out of greed, I didn’t even realize it was there!!!  I move things from room to room, laundry basket to laundry basket as I try to keep up with the madness of my home.  Cabinets spill over, junk is stored in cute boxes from the container store to try in some vain effort to organize the madness.  Its nuts the stuff we have that is SUFFOCATING me!  And how I never realized it is beyond me.  So…this month has been amazing.  Letting go of stuff.  I just hope and pray my stuff is going to bless someone and not bog down another family with more stuff.  I have a lot more to go too!  I’m hoping at some point I will feel like I’m only surrounded by purposeful stuff that truly blesses me (or at least blesses someone in my family!) and not just things in my way. 

Freecycle and me have been best friends this month though.  I think I’m starting to make the regulars on there question me.  I popped out of nowhere posting 50 free things a day!  I’m getting random emails asking why, offering to sell my stuff in their garage sale, and even asking for specific items in case I have that too!  Its kinda funny.  I’ve made new friends and received some things I’ve actually needed too!  Its been a great month though!  I may just carry it over to two months..we’ll see! 

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