Possessions–Day 5

So this month is possessions.  The challenge is to give away 7 items a day for 30 days.  Well first 4 days I probably gave away 150 items each day and then day 5 I had about 40 books I was giving away and the person didn’t show up to get them!  So…I’ve already failed my challenge!  But not for lack of trying.  I’ve been so looking forward to this month though for several reasons.  One – gifts has always been my love language.  But somewhere along the way I think I’ve lost touch of that and forgotten how good it feels to give.  Two – I’m drowning in stuff…its time to let go!  I’m already amazed though at how God works when it comes to giving.  If you give, you get back.  It never fails!  I totally forgot that too and did not go into this month at all thinking I’d get anything actually physical out of it.  I expected to get a lot spiritually out of it.  I expected to get a cleaner house out of it.  But I didn’t expect to be blessed with monetary things.  And only 2 days into it I already was given winter clothes for my son and matching clothes for the winter for my twins!  To get matching hand-me-downs is hard to come by!!

I’m reading Jantsen’s gift right now by Pam Cope who started Touch a Life foundation.  So far I’ve had a hard time getting through it through all the bawling I’ve been doing.  It’s a rough read in the beginning…but so far its amazing.  I highly suggest it if anyone wants a new book to read!  http://www.amazon.com/Jantsens-Gift-Story-Grief-Rescue/dp/0446199699  I’ll come back with a full review once I finish it! 

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