Speaking Scripture over our Children Part 2

I’ve had a little feedback on my last post and I’ve talked to a few friends about it in more depth and I feel like I need to clarify a few things on how this will actually be put into use in our household.  First, I am not using this to replace any form of discipline or behavior modification that we already use.  I don’t expect to get improved behavior out of my son from this.  I do expect however to get improved behavior out of me from this.  😉  When I was initially googling this sort of thing I found several other websites that used scripture for discipline.  While I think that could be used in an awesome way, I think it could be abused quite easily and quickly turn into a form of shame.  And shame is exactly what I’m trying to move away from here.  I’m hoping more to use these verses in place of the shameful things I was saying and to help build up his self esteem.  I’m hoping for him to see himself the way the Lord does and as who he was created to be.  Some of the verses are more about obedience and I think they can be great to use after the fact.  Like after the incident is done and handled then we can talk about how Love is Patient and Kind and doesn’t seek its own way.  And then I can tell him that he can behave with patience and kindness even when he feels like he can’t because they are fruits of the spirit and the spirit lives within him.  That God gives him this ability even when he feels he has none. 

So yesterday I can gladly report that I went all day without saying a single negative thing to my sweet son.  There were several times when I was stumped at what to say but overall I can see this working great.  I’m sure after a while my son will start to roll his eyes and get annoyed with constantly hearing me say, “You were made in God’s image” and “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.”  But much better that than what he was hearing! 

So overall my number one goal is for him to know that God loves him and he created him.  I want him to know that I can not define who he is nor can peers at school or teachers he comes across.  I want him to know only God can define who he is because God is his maker.  And that’s why I’m turning to scripture so he can see how God defines him. 

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