Those who know me well, know my feelings about Thanksgiving.  I pretty much like to skip celebrating the holiday all together.  Immediately after Halloween I go into Christmas mode.  Tree goes up, carols start playing from the radio, its Christmas season in my home!  I never enjoyed a holiday that seemed like its sole purpose was to gather together with all your random distant second cousins twice removed and eat foods I’d never eat like yams covered in marshmallows (yuck!) and dry, bland turkey (thankfully we’ve recently discovered deep fried turkey and its no longer dry!).  The only thing I remember enjoying about Thanksgiving was the rolls.  I’m generally a super optimistic, glass is overflowing, type gal except for the three weeks that falls between Halloween and the end of November.  I want to stick my finger down my throat every day when I check on facebook and see everyone’s daily thanks for their wonderful children and wonderful husbands.  And I’m not really sure why it makes me roll my eyes because I have wonderful children and a wonderful husband I’m super thankful for.  I’m literally overwhelmed with thankfulness for my family every day.  I think it’s the cliché of it all that annoys me.  Like my BFF pointed out the other day…I kinda like to go against the grain.  So there you have it folks….I’m not a fan of Thanksgiving. 

But I am a fan of giving thanks to God.

Tonight our church had our 20 year anniversary Thanksgiving celebration at the pavilion.  It was amazing.  But one thing that Pastor Kerry said that stood out to me is we are giving Thanks not only for what God has done, but what he’s going to do.  And giving thanks for what he’s going to do, that’s faith.  When he said that for some reason God yelled at me (he might whisper to some people but he seems to realize I need yelling at) and told me to start being more thankful.  Not for my present situation, but for my future.  And I thought what better way to show my thankfulness at this present time than to celebrate Thanksgiving in my own new way.  So..I’m going to try and start my own thanksgiving tradition that hopefully I can pass down to my kids.  From now on I’m going to treat those 3 weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving that I typically roll my eyes at as a period of fasting, sorta like lent, and focusing on being thankful for what our future holds.  So it seems fitting that this year (and possibly every year) I’m going to give up candy.  Starting now (even though I so want to delete now and type tomorrow so I can go eat my Trader Joe’s 100 calorie milk chocolate bar with a glass of moscato…my favorite nighttime snack) no candy until Thanksgiving.  And every time I think of candy, which will be often since we are currently bombarded with it being a few days after candy day, I’m going to stop and pray and give thanks for today and tomorrow. 

So your still not going to see me posting daily thanks on facebook and I’ll still secretly roll my eyes if you post something super cliché (although if its really witty I might actually like your post) but I am going to be focusing on thanksgiving.  I’m so excited and so thankful for what the future holds for my little family and my huge church.  Thank you God for them both. 

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4 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. Heather Burke says:

    Love it and love that you found your own “against the grain” way of celebrating. I wouldn’t expect anything else 😉

  2. Heather Burke says:

    Now, excuse me while I go post a “thankful comment” on fb. Bwaaahahahaha.

  3. Danielle Mitchell says:

    I’m glad to hear I am not the only one who rolls their eyes. 🙂 I love reading your blog posts, it always makes me feel inspired to do something. I’ll work on not raiding the candy bowl tomorrow.

  4. AnnaC says:

    I’ve always loved Thanksgiving(we didn’t celebrate Christmas when I was a kid, so Thanksgiving was our big gift holiday instead). But I admit that I roll my eyes when I see all the thankful posts on Facebook. It’s not that I’m upset that people are thankful, or that I’m not also thankful. I just don’t feel the need to advertise on Facebook for everyone in the world to see how thankful I am. I feel like my thankfulness is something private and sacred between me and God, not something to announce to everyone that I know.

    But then again, I’m a cynic and a big introvert, so that could be coloring my perspective a bit. 😉 I’m glad you’ve found a way to cultivate thankfulness. 🙂

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