The Disaster of Picture People

Picture People specializes in taking pictures of kids. I am not sure how many of you have around kids, but everything is pretty time sensitive. So when you have a 4:30 appointment, everyone is fed and happy, and they make you wait around till 5:20, it deteriates quickly. New we have pissed off little girls that are cold, and a photographer that I can only pray is stoned, cause if he normally functions like that then . . . I will remain calm, my darling wife would want that. So after the photographer starred at us, then the babies, then back at us, he suggested the “put them there” method. Pretty much the only other words he got out were, “she is spitting up,” and then would just stare at them. Anyways, here are the pix that Nici thought we could at least post. Nothing was worth buying.


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  1. Shana says:

    Oh dear, the exact same thing happened to me when Aylah was 2 months old. The lady was way late and by the time she was set up and ready, Aylah was fussy and ready for a nap,,,in fact, that’s exactly what she did, feel asleep–so most of her pics are sleeping pics! They still are so beautiful! Love the pics and the headband bows!

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