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I’ve been having lots of moments lately where God has spoken DIRECTLY to me.  I mean directly.  This Sunday for example…I was super excited about going to church since we hadn’t been in 3 weeks.  After 3 weeks though of eating on the road and fast food I was feeling a bit bloated and I somehow misplaced half of my few clothes I had to wear for the month and all I could find was a few of the snugger fitting tanks.  So for church Saturday night I had capris and a few snug tanks to wear, combined with my bloated belly I was feeling a bit self-conscious.  On top of that I had a horrible cold and chest congestion so when the praise and worship started and I opened my mouth to sing I realized it was quite painful to do so.  So I was sitting there during the praise and worship feeling quite miserable emotionally and physically and just prayed to God about it.  I told him that I wanted to be home on the couch in my pj’s where I would be comfortable.  I told him I was flat out uncomfortable right now but I wanted him to take that away from me so that I could focus on the sermon and get something out it.  I had so been looking forward to it!  So after my prayer the pastor comes up to speak and I kid you not, one of the first things out of his mouth was…”God does not call us to be comfortable.”  What?!?!  Come on God…it freaks me out just a little when you speak soooo directly to me! I swear too Pastor Kerry looked RIGHT at me too when he said it.  Smile with tongue out 

So when I first heard about the Touch a Life Foundation from my friend Deminy, it was one of those moments where God was talking straight to me.  God had led me to be praying for children who were trapped in slavery in Ghana and this organization works to free exactly that.  It couldn’t be any more specific to the prayers of my heart.  So I’m super excited about joining them and starting a Find Your Mark chapter in The Woodlands, TX.  Pam Cope, founder of Touch a Life, helped rescue a boy named Mark in Ghana from child slavery in 2007.  Today they have over 90 children they have helped free and are providing long term care for.  By starting a chapter, we’ll pledge to raise $1800 a year so that we too can “find our Mark” and help free him or her from child slavery in Ghana.  You can read more about it here.

Please let me know if your interested at all in joining our chapter! 

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